Grade one

1. Introducing At My Best * At My Best Class Book * Describe or illustrate what your family does to be healthy
2. Learn your ABC's: Bull's Eye * ABC Dance
(Music | Lyrics)

* Ten Shining Stars
(Music | Lyrics)
* 3 beanbags (1 of each colour)

* Teach guardians & siblings the ABC Dance.
* Come up with an activity that you can do with your family
using the beanbags and targets.
3. Learn your ABC's: Shapes & Wide & Narrow * ABC Dance
(Music | Lyrics)
* Practice the ABC Dance with your family.
* Building upon the group tableau in class, make a tableau shape
with your family.
* Make a tableau where everyone belongs.
* Show a favourite activity that you like to do with your family or that you have done recently with your family.
* Spell your family name or spell a word that your family chooses.
4. Learn your ABC's: Beanbag Boogie   * With your family, play Follow-the-Leader activities around
various objects (trees in the park, stuffed animals and pillows in the apartment).
* Try playing Follow-the-Leader on a playground through the equipment (for more challenge, try not touching the sand or woodchips or follow exactly in the leaders footprints in the snow).
* Discuss as a family the type of routes you often take at home or within your community.
* Discuss as a family when taking different routes might be important (a fireescape
route). How would you show caring for your family in the event of a
fire? What emergency plans need to be in place?
5. Learn your ABC's: The ABC Challenge * ABC Dance
(Music | Lyrics)
* Make up a family dance that uses the ABCs. Ask guardians if they know any dances they can teach the
* During this week, students need to find at least two new activities to do that fit each of the ABC categories and make six ABC cards at home: two that can be
done alone ("I"); two that can be done with a partner ("We") and two that can be done as a family ("Us"). Share the cards with the class at school.
* Discuss as a family what is important for us to do alone ("I"), with another family member ("We"), and as an entire family ("Us").
6. What does it mean to be healthy? * Download:
ABC Bingo card
* Complete the healthy activities with your family.
* Guardians are asked to sign and date each healthy activity once completed.
7. Healthy eating choices * Download:
Healthy food matching cards

* Download:
Eating well with Canada's Food Guide

* Download:
Our family's favourite recipe

* Draw pictures of foods that your
family eats that fit into each of the four food groups.

* Work with your child to draw a picture of your family's favourite recipe and identify the main ingredients.
* Students (with guardian support) may decide to make a small sample of their recipe for a class celebration.

8. What can I do? * Download"
Eating well with Canada's Food Guide
* Download:
Canada's phyiscal activity guide for children
* Download:
Healthy Me
* Complete "Healthy Me".
* Play a high-energy activity at home with your family (i.e. tag, basketball, soccer) as well as a lower energy activity (i.e. walking,
swinging). Encourage discussion on the right foods to fuel these activities.
9. When am I hungry? * Download:
The Big Crunch
* Complete "The Big Crunch".
10. Bringing it all together   * Walk and Talk: Go for a walk with your child and talk about some of the things they learned in this At My Best™ unit.