About the Program

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At My Best® is a Free comprehensive, curriculum-supported toolkit designed to help promote and develop children’s overall wellness. This unique resource combines physical activity, healthy eating and emotional well-being to support healthy, happy children on their way to a healthy, happy future. At My Best® was developed by Physical & Health Education Canada (formerly CAHPERD) thanks to the leadership, financial and in-kind support of AstraZeneca Canada. It was written by a team of educators, health professionals and experts in child development.

At My Best® addresses the important issue of increasing physical activity levels and enhancing healthy eating practices, while at the same time addressing the importance of emotional well-being. It was written to support the delivery of the Health and Physical Education curriculum.

Download a sample lesson plan: Grade 2, Lesson 3: Spell and Go (PDF)

The ABC’s theme — ABILITY, BELONGING, CARING — is woven throughout the entire program.

  • ABILITY The concepts of individual ability, awareness, choices, empowerment, courage to try new things and to ask for help.
  • BELONGING The concepts of being inclusive and involving others.
  • CARING Focus on respect and consideration for themselves and others. Children learn that caring for themselves is an important part of being healthy.

At My Best® Components

The At My Best® Kindergarten-Grade 3 toolkit will support the optimal physical and emotional growth of students by inspiring and motivating them to make healthier choices today, and helping them to develop lifelong healthy habits. The At My Best® Kindergarten-Grade 3 toolkit will support teachers by providing curriculum-based lesson plans and numerous online teaching resources, including blackline masters, downloadable music, an accompanying storybook and take-home materials. The Kindergarten-Grade 3 toolkit also includes task cards which will aid in your teaching.

Each lesson contained within At My Best® is directly linked to the Health and Physical Education curriculum, ensuring that teachers can deliver programming that is linked to student learning and the specific outcomes of the HPE curriculum. At My Best® also provides cross-curricular connections and has been designed to support the development of literacy and numeracy skills and offers built-in opportunities for Daily Physical Activity (DPA).

Link to Home

The At My Best® take home component ensures that student learning extends from the classroom to the home. Each lesson has a suggestion for follow-up that students can do at home with family members.


The goals of the At My Best® toolkit are to:

  • Help build student awareness of their self and their emotions;
  • Help students see connections between physical activity, healthy eating and emotional well-being;
  • Support the delivery of quality Health and Physical Education programs;
  • Provide an opportunity for daily physical activity (DPA);
  • Provide opportunities to build connections with parents and communities with a focus on healthy living;
  • Provide cross-curricular learning opportunities, particularly supporting the development of literacy and numeracy skills; and
  • Support character education and the development of life skills.