At My Best lesson plans for grades JK to 3 and 4-5-6 are free, curriculum-linked resources that combine physical activity, healthy eating and emotional well-being. Numerous resources accompany each lesson plan including online activity sheets, online take-home materials, song lyrics, and more.

These interactive online games support the At My Best lesson plans by providing a fun and engaging way to reinforce what children learn in school. These games not only foster overall wellness, but they also support character education and the development of life skills in a fun and exciting way!

Music integrated in the At My Best program is associated with lessons and activities on the website. Lyrics and actions are provided with the lesson plans so children can dance and sing along. Put on some music so children can dance and sing their way to optimal wellness!

These videos support teachers in using At My Best by showcasing children participating in a series of exercises, stretches, and dances. Optimise children’s interest and engagement in the program and encourage physical activity participation through these videos!

Illustrating the link between At My Best and each provincial/territorial health and physical education curriculum demonstrates its relevance to schools across Canada. Beyond this, the program provides opportunities for cross-curricular learning and supports the development of students’ literacy and numeracy skills.