What is Character Education?

Character Education is a deliberate effort by schools, families, and communities to help children and youth understand and act upon core ethical values. It is a school wide effort to nurture a community that promotes positive attitudes, attributes, and behaviours. Character Education is the explicit promotion of universally desirable qualities. 

Why was Character Education developed? 

Character Education was developed because educators believed the social, emotional and ethical development of young people is just as important as mastering academics. It is a way to deliver crucial life lessons that will encourage children and youth to master the life skills needed for personal growth and success.

Character Education and At My Best

The At My Best Character Education Supplement provides additional extensions to the lessons already provided in the At My Best toolkit. These extensions focus specifically on linking emotional well being components into the existing lesson plans.

Download the At My Best  Character Education Supplement

Note: The At My Best Character Education Supplement was developed for Junior Kindergarten-Grades 3.